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On-line Styling for Men

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These days, men are expected to be fashionable, have a sense of their own style, and be confident and well-groomed.  The clothes a man chooses to wear and the image that is portrayed, can give him an edge in business, help him to engage in a romantic relationship with greater confidence, make him feel assertive and help him to gain a certain amount of respect from his peers.

What to Expect from a Styling Consultation

As a Style Coach™ I will help you find your own Style Personality, understand what looks good and why and show you how to create a wardrobe that will work easily for you without any fuss!  My job is to give you easy to follow advice that will take the hassle out of looking good and feeling great, that you can confidently and easily maintain long into the future.


How it Works

  1. Using a series of Questionnaires I will get to know a bit about your lifestyles, your likes and dislikes, and how you like to shop.

  2. I will take into consideration your age, shape, size and height together with your lifestyle to recommend the best styles, fabrics and patterns to create the perfect image for you.

  3. You will receive a personalised Jus Your Style Guide which you can access on your device whenever you need it.

What you Will Learn

  1. What body shape you have and why knowing will help you decide if something suits you;

  2. Your best colours and shades;

  3. The styles that will flatter your shape and size;

  4. What your Style Personality is and how this can help you when shopping and putting an outfit together;

  5. The items you need to create a capsule wardrobe for work, weekends and leisure and how to style them.

COST - £100

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