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Wardrobe Edit

Large wardrobe with modern clothes and a

What did you like best about the

Wardrobe Edit Service?

"Finding I had a number of outfits in my existing wardrobe which Justine brought up to date. Justine showed me which styles and colours best suit me and gave me advice where I can make purchases that will suit my body shape and style"


Do you often stare in your wardrobe wondering what to wear ?   Maybe you find you often pick out something to wear only to find you don't have the right shoes or jacket to make it work, or the trousers don't really fit,  or the colour of the top is doing nothing for you?!  Maybe you're just wondering if you could be looking a bit more on trend?

If any of this feels like you, and you would like to have an outfit for every occasion waiting for you in your wardrobe, a Wardrobe Edit is just what you need!  

How Does it Work?

I will send you a Questionnaire so that you can tell me a little bit about your lifestyle, shopping habits, style and colour preferences which I will compile into your personal Wardrobe Guide.  This will give me the background to what you are looking to achieve, your potential body shape, style personality, and lifestyle.

At your Wardrobe Session I will do a mini colour analysis with drapes to see which tones and shades look best on you and check your body shape.   We will then look at each of the items in your seasonal wardrobe to see how they fit and flatter you and how they work in your lifestyle.  I will show you how to mix and match and style the clothes in your own wardrobe and take photographs so that you can refer back to them. 

I will create a list of any gaps that would help to create outfits out of what you already have.  Clients often find they have a small list of items to buy to complete outfits, plus, selling unwanted clothes will often cover my fee, so win win!   The process usually takes around 3 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe.

What You will Gain

  • Your Personal Style Guide detailing the styles that will flatter your shape, your best colours and how to dress to suit your personal style and lifestyle;

  • Your Personal Outfit Guide containing outfits created from your own wardrobe together with outfit inspiration;

  • A wish list of items you could buy to create outfits using your existing clothes;

  • A list of items that need to be altered or dry cleaned;

  • Your wardrobe will only contain your clothes that fit, flatter and work for your lifestyle and personality;

  • You will feel energised, happier, positive and more relaxed when you open your wardrobe!



This includes:

  1. Preliminary on-line Questionnaires Mini Body

  2. Mini Body Shape, Style & Colours Session (1 hour)

  3. Wardrobe Edit  (3 hours)

  4. Personal Style Guide and  

  5. Your Outfits & Wish list Guide

(Additional hours charged at £35 per hour)

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