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About Me


You can hear how I work with clients in my BBC Radio interview.

I live in Shrewsbury in the beautiful county of Shropshire.   I've always loved clothes and the feeling of empowerment the right outfit can give you!  That said, I know the feeling when you get it wrong and waste money by shopping in haste!  

That was until I trained to become a Style Coach™ with the Style Coaching™ Institute!  Now I love being able to pass on all the tips and tricks to make styling and clothes shopping easier for men and women.


Style Coach™ (with Honours) - International Style Coaching Institute™ 

Personal Stylist - The Image Consulting Company, Bristol

Colour Analysis -  Style Coaching Institute, Image Consulting Company, Colour Me Beautiful & The London College of Style

As a Style Coach™ we learn to use the skills of a life coach with those of a personal stylist to ensure our clients are on the right path, both inside and out  After qualifying with honours with the Style Coaching Institute, I went on to get hands on experience during a 5 day intensive course with The Image Consulting Company, which took place in John Lewis, in Bristol.  I trained in Colour Analysis with Colour Me Beautiful to help women to find their best colours in make-up and clothes and have also trained in colour with the Style Coaching Institute, The Image Consulting Company and the London College of Style

I am a member of the International Institute of Style Coaching™ and The Image Consulting Company where we meet up regularly to exchange tips, advice and update our knowledge.  

Why use the Services of a Style Coach™

Whilst I believe people are so much more than how they look, I've watched my client's confidence soar once they start wearing the colours and styles that really make them shine!


By learning how to flatter your unique body shape and the colours that give you that healthy glow, pulling outfits together that are 'Jus Your Style' becomes easy and you will soon start to love the skin your in!

Why not get in touch for a free chat and see if I can help you?  I would love to hear from you.

Justine x

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