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Colour Analysis

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"I had an amazing session with Justine where she did my colours and determined my body shape.  I was made to feel very comfortable and learned a lot.  I could immediately see that the colours Justine suggested really lifted my complexion. 


After my session Justine sent me a very detailed report with fabulous suggestions for colours and styles that would flatter my body shape.  I've thoroughly enjoyed shopping and putting it all into practice and had lots of compliments."        Amy Telford

Why Have a Colour Consultation?

When we get it right, colour has the ability to make us look healthier, slimmer, youthful and feel confident!  The wrong colours can make wrinkles and dark circles look more noticeable and we can generally just look a bit tired and drained.   There is also evidence that the colours a person wears can affect how others perceive them too which is why it’s so important to get it right!

What to Expect 

We will start with a cuppa and a chat in my comfy studio where will get to know each other a bit and I will explain how colour analysis works and what we will be looking for.  Some people like to bring a friend or relative and if you do I'm more than happy with this.  


You will then take a seat in front of the mirror and I will show you how to look for colours that harmonise and flatter your skin, hair and eyes and bring out the best version of you.   This doesn’t mean you can’t wear any colour you like in your outfit but it’s important that items near to your face are the most flattering.  We start by looking at your dominant characteristics and then go through a series of coloured drapes to find your best shades so that you can be confident the next time you go shopping or pick something from you wardrobe, that it works for you!

What you Will Learn

  1. You will find out which colours, shades and tones will enhance your skin and hair and bring out your eyes and we will pick out your WOW colours!

  2. You will understand how to put together different colour combinations based on your characteristics and personality;

  3. You will learn your undertone and the best shades of make-up to give you that radiant glow! 

  4. You will receive a detailed guide which you can access easily on your phone, with your best colours and what to look for when shopping for both clothes and make-up as well as lots of information about colour psychology and how you can make it work for you in different situations.

  5. You will receive a compact fabric swatch that you can keep in your handbag for whenever you need it.


Your Colour Example.PNG
colour guide pic.JPG


In-Person Consultation - £100 

(To include fabric swatch and digital colour guide)

1-2 hours

If you'd Like to book, find out more or have a chat:
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