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Hi,  Welcome to my site, I'm so glad you found me!

Justine from Jus Your Style, Personal Styling Services.


I'm Justine Wase, a Style Coach™ with a huge passion for helping people to look good and feel great!

​ My journey to become a Style Coach™ started when I began to feel a bit lost in my own outfit choices.   After years of loving clothes, I found I just wasn't quite sure how I should be dressing anymore! 

I’d lost my confidence and my style mojo!

Does this feel like you?

Looking for inspiration in magazines, on instagram and pinterest is all very well but those outfits don’t work for everyone! 


Now, as a qualified Personal Stylist, I can help you  find your personal 'Style Formula' so that you can confidently choose clothes that will have you skipping out of your door looking good and feeling great!

Why not get in touch for a free consultation

to see how I could help you.​


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I offer a variety of in-person and on-line services to meet your every styling need as I understand exactly how you feel. 

It might be that you need help sorting out your wardrobe as you could have all sorts of gems hidden in there that just need a partner to make a great outfit!

Or maybe your shape has changed, you’ve had a life-changing event or are at an age where you’re feeling in a bit of a style rut and need help re-defining what suits you to build your confidence.

  Why not have a look at my Menu of Services to see how I could help you.......



My Sevices

Colour Analysis


Personal Shopping

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Jus Your Style & Colour Package

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